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Central European states provide the highs (and a low) among UK country market travel trends in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsInternational demand to and from the UK in the second quarter has been pretty flat but some markets are growing strongly while others are in serious decline. We look at the latest trends and reveal whether the booming Polish market is showing any signs of maturing.

Romania is the new Poland

Romania is the new PolandHave the last two months seen any significant changes in growth rates in our analysis of mature and emerging markets from the UK? Which new EU member is doing well and which has faltered? In volume terms which were the fastest growing countries in September and how do they compare with the biggest growers in 2006?

Morocco, Romania maintain rapid growth – last year’s World Cup impacts German figures

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe take an updated look at the performance of some of the key country markets from the UK in the last couple of months. Whose growth is on-going and whose has ground to a halt? Why has German traffic suddenly dipped in June? And is the Irish market still suffering like the UK domestic market with declining demand?