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UK – Florida market unchanged for a decade; charter traffic down 40% this year

Route AnalysisDemand trebled between 1987 and 1998 but has been virtually flat since then. When did traffic peak and what’s been happening in 2009? How significant has the Pound/Dollar exchange rate been?

UK regional airports lacking direct services to many major European cities this winter

Country AnalysisLCCs may have helped stimulate leisure traffic to warmer destinations but how well are the UK’s regional airports connected to major European business centres? We reveal a surprising number of missing links that may be of interest to airlines.

easyJet and Ryanair battle for supremacy in UK short-haul market

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryFrom inauspicious beginnings at unfashionable UK airports easyJet and Ryanair have developed to be the two leading airlines serving the UK short-haul market. Who are its closest rivals and which country markets from the UK are most (and least) dominated by low-cost carriers?

“Open-Skies” shifts demand from Gatwick to Heathrow; overall capacity down 5%

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSeveral US airlines finally got into ‘fortress Heathrow’ last year. But what did it do to passenger numbers to the US from London’s two biggest airports? Which airlines have added capacity in the last 12 months and which have cut back? How dominant is BA in the market?

London Heathrow’s third runway; never let the facts get in the way of a good story…

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryThere has been intense media coverage regarding the UK government’s support for a third runway at Heathrow. However, little of it has focused on presenting clear, basic information about trends at Heathrow and its European rivals. That’s where we come in.

Flybe heading for #1 in UK domestic market; overall demand down around 4% in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryLow-cost airlines helped stimulate the UK domestic market by around 70% between 1996 and 2005. London routes dominate the passenger rankings but which other UK city is well represented? Flybe is now on track to overtake easyJet as the biggest airline in the market. How has it done this?

easyJet’s winter programme reflects considerable caution (which should please Sir Stelios!); Malpensa becomes 2nd biggest base after Gatwick

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryeasyJet’s total winter capacity is virtually the same as last year, but is spread over 20% more airports. Some airports are big winners while others are losers. Which country markets are in favour and which are in trouble?

European winter capacity down by 2.3%; UK and Spain struggling, Turkey booming

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWe take a detailed look at how capacity this winter has changed for Europe’s biggest airports, countries and airlines. Which of the top airports are still seeing growth? What’s happening in Central Europe (not what you might expect) and which airlines are still adding capacity?

UK still #1 growth market for Ryanair and easyJet; Ryanair growing fast in Spain, easyJet in France

LeadEurope’s two LCC heavyweights added more new routes than anyone else in the last 12 months. But in which countries do they have their biggest presence? And which country markets experienced most growth? And where do they manage to avoid each other?

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demand

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demandThanks to EU membership and the enthusiastic migration of thousands of Poles to the UK, air travel between the two countries is booming. Growth of 30% in 2007 shows no sign of slowing down, but which airports are benefiting most? LCCs have 90% of the market but which has the highest share?

UK market lacklustre despite awful weather

Lead story thumbnailDespite dreadful summer weather the UK air market is in stagnation. Traffic at London Heathrow and Manchester traffic is down around 2%. Smaller regional airports are doing better but not well enough. What’s the problem? Is it APD, enhanced security measures, interest rates or concerns about the planet?