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UK still #1 growth market for Ryanair and easyJet; Ryanair growing fast in Spain, easyJet in France

LeadEurope’s two LCC heavyweights added more new routes than anyone else in the last 12 months. But in which countries do they have their biggest presence? And which country markets experienced most growth? And where do they manage to avoid each other?

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demand

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demandThanks to EU membership and the enthusiastic migration of thousands of Poles to the UK, air travel between the two countries is booming. Growth of 30% in 2007 shows no sign of slowing down, but which airports are benefiting most? LCCs have 90% of the market but which has the highest share?

UK market lacklustre despite awful weather

Lead story thumbnailDespite dreadful summer weather the UK air market is in stagnation. Traffic at London Heathrow and Manchester traffic is down around 2%. Smaller regional airports are doing better but not well enough. What’s the problem? Is it APD, enhanced security measures, interest rates or concerns about the planet?