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Jacksonville hosts Airline Summit 2009; network planners get chance to see what destination has to offer

Top StoryWe report on last week’s Airline Summit in Jacksonville, Florida. What did US airline network planners learn about the airport and the surrounding area and what role did golf play?

Jacksonville targets Puerto Rico flights; all leading US carriers have links to hubs

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusJacksonville in Northeast Florida handled six million passengers in 2008. All the leading US carriers are present but which are the top routes? Which routes have recently been added (and lost). And why is San Juan a potential new route?

Atlantic City welcomes AirTran, WestJet and international flights (from Toronto)

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusAtlantic City is the east coast’s answer to Las Vegas, but which ultra low-cost carrier has been dominant there in recent years? Apart from Florida, which other regions are linked to the city with direct air services?

Pittsburgh to host G20 summit; airport traffic down 55% from 90s heyday

nl040909-airport-100.jpgBack in the 90s Pittsburgh handled 20 million passengers per annum. Last year it was less than nine million. Which routes has US Airways cut in the last 12 months and which airline is growing at the airport?

US Airways offers more “Philadelphia freedom”: now serving 23 European cities

Airline AnalysisUS Airways is the dominant carrier in Philadelphia but how far-reaching is its network? Which routes have been started and stopped since 2008 and what are average fares like at the airport?

Austin-Bergstrom celebrates 10th anniversary; new Alaska Airlines services will help attract ACI delegates to October conference

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusHow has traffic developed at this Texan airport since it opened in 1999? Which are the leading carriers and which routes has it lost and gained during the last year? And what’s a ‘Nerd Bird’?

Canada – US market generates 23 million passengers but none on US LCCs; Air Canada has one-third of market

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryFlights between Canada and the US operate from 23 Canadian airports and 60 US airports but which are the leading airports, routes and airlines? Which Canadian airport has seen the market grow by almost 20% in 2009?

Denver passes 50 million passenger milestone; Southwest now has 17% share of capacity

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusDenver is the fifth busiest airport in the US and still growing. United’s dominance is gradually being eroded by Frontier and Southwest, which both grew significantly last year. How competitive are the busiest routes and what’s happening to average fares? And who provides non-stop flights to Europe?

San Francisco breaks into US top 10; seven of top 20 airports still reported growth in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSan Francisco and Denver were the fastest-growing airports in the US top 10 last year. Which other airports are still reporting growth and which are having a harder time? And which major airport just doesn’t like to share?

Orlando blooms with booming international traffic; jetBlue adds most new routes

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisOrlando claims to be the fourth biggest O&D market in the US and last year traffic was down just 2.2% overall at 35.66 million passengers. International traffic has been booming thanks to the likes of jetBlue, Mexicana and TAM. But which airline is #1 and how cheap are air fares?

US Midwest airports handle over 250 million annual passengers; Chicago dominates but demand is down over 15% in November; Southwest coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe US Midwest has 12 major airports with Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul the busiest. Where is traffic falling fastest, and which offer the best fares to passengers? Which airlines are market leaders at each airport?

Houston, we don’t have as big a problem as many airports (despite Hurricane Ike)

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisContinental accounts for around 85% of Houston’s international airport, which keeps fares well above the US average. Emirates and Singapore have started new routes during the last year and Qatar Airways is coming in 2009. But which are the busiest domestic routes?