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New York’s airports serve 73 countries; Southwest launches LaGuardia flights in June

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusNew York and New Jersey’s airports handled over 125 million passengers last year. How many airports handled more than one million passengers and how do average fares compare across the airports? Which are the leading country markets?

US domestic air travel market; over 300 routes dropped by biggest airlines in last year though Allegiant adds 13

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySince the beginning of last summer the biggest US airlines have abandoned some 300 routes, but which airlines have been wielding the axe most vigorously? And which airlines have actually increased the number of city-pairs served? Three of the top 20 US domestic airports have seen route growth. Which ones?

San Francisco breaks into US top 10; seven of top 20 airports still reported growth in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSan Francisco and Denver were the fastest-growing airports in the US top 10 last year. Which other airports are still reporting growth and which are having a harder time? And which major airport just doesn’t like to share?

“Open-Skies” shifts demand from Gatwick to Heathrow; overall capacity down 5%

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSeveral US airlines finally got into ‘fortress Heathrow’ last year. But what did it do to passenger numbers to the US from London’s two biggest airports? Which airlines have added capacity in the last 12 months and which have cut back? How dominant is BA in the market?

US Midwest airports handle over 250 million annual passengers; Chicago dominates but demand is down over 15% in November; Southwest coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe US Midwest has 12 major airports with Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul the busiest. Where is traffic falling fastest, and which offer the best fares to passengers? Which airlines are market leaders at each airport?

Anchorage dominates Alaskan airport landscape; Palin-mania may boost traffic as state gets massive media coverage

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe largest state in the US is also the most sparsely populated, so air travel plays a key role. Anchorage is the dominant airport but which airlines operate the most flights at the airport? And why is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky important?

Poland and USA impress with sustained volume growth

Poland and USA impress with sustained volume growthThe last quarter of 2007 saw some changes in various UK markets. The French market was hit by the improved Eurostar service and industrial disputes. Italy’s summer boom came to an abrupt end while the US finally showed some solid growth. Meanwhile the Polish market continues to grow beyond all expectations.