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AirAsia expands in India; Hannover base #6 for Germanwings…and other good (and not so good) announcements…

AirAsia expands in India; Hannover base #6 for Germanwings…and other good (and not so good) announcements…Our new regular feature looking at the week’s most interesting route-related news plus exclusive analysis. Some carriers are adding routes, some are cutting back. Who’s doing what?

New routes launched during the last three weeks (Saturday 19 December – Friday 8 January):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsOver 40 new routes have been started since mid-December. Countries involved in celebrating new services include Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, the Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Serbia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, the UAE, the UK, the USA and Uzbekistan.

Air Canada growing Atlantic services; now represent 25% of all capacity

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisAir Canada and its partner Jazz operate over 330 aircraft, many on domestic routes. But what share of capacity is dedicated to the domestic market? Which regional market has shrunk the most in 2009 and how dominant are routes to London among transatlantic services?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 5 December – Friday 11 December)

New routes launched during the last week (Saturday 5 December - Friday 11 December)A big welcome to AeroGal of Ecuador making their first appearance in this section as part of another healthy crop of new routes this week with a particular focus on leisure routes from Canada. We have details (and celebratory pictures) of new routes started this week in Albania, Australia, Austria, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Mexico, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 17 October – Friday 23 October):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsThe lull before the (winter) storm. Just 16 new routes this week but they involve airports in Canada, China, Egypt, Macau, Malaysia, the Maldives, Oman, Spain, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK and the US. Get ready, next week we’ll be reporting on the launch of over 150 new routes.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 28 February – Friday 6 March):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsAirlines across the world seem to have decided that the beginning of March is a good time to start a new route. This week we have news and analysis on 27 new routes being started by 15 different airlines. Leading the way is Tiger Airways with five new routes, Lufthansa Italia with four new routes from Milan Malpensa and Wataniya Airways with three.

Ottawa overtakes Halifax to become fastest-growing Canadian airport in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsCanada may be the only country in the world where its top 10 airports are all growing. Which airport might be the first to break this trend? Which airports suffered a downturn in traffic in August and how is the biggest airport, Toronto, faring?

Canadian traffic up 30% in last four years; Zoom’s closure takes out 11% of UK capacity

Thumb: Country Analysis - CanadaWith over 240 airports with scheduled services, Canada’s airports handled around 117 million passengers last year. Which are the leading airports in 2008 and how dominant are Air Canada and WestJet in the domestic market? Who are Air Canada’s international rivals?

New routes launched during the last week
(30 August – 5 September 2008)

Article Thumbnail: News in BriefNew routes started this week operated by Air Asia, clickair, Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Kingfisher, LAN, Northwest, S7, Sama and Southwest.

Westjet undercuts competition on Canada’s busiest route

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchCanada’s busiest domestic route sees Air Canada taking on Westjet and more recently Porter Airlines. Westjet should be cheaper than Air Canada but is it? And how much more does Porter charge for the privilege of travelling from Toronto’s downtown harbourfront airport? We struggle through some unfriendly websites to bring you the figures.