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London still best-connected city in Europe despite Heathrow’s limitations; Dublin and Rome lose most routes during 2009

nl041209-lead-100.jpgHow do the biggest cities for air travel in 16 European countries compare? How many destinations do they serve? And which have gained (and lost) most routes during the last year? Which 28 destinations are no longer served directly from London airports?

Lufthansa (and partners) and airberlin dominate German routes to Vienna and Zurich

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisAs Austrian prepares its latest network strategy under Lufthansa control we look at the development of traffic between Germany and Vienna and compare it with how the market has developed to Zurich.

Zurich benefits from Lufthansa’s nurturing of Swiss; airberlin second busiest carrier

Airport AnalysisZurich’s traffic grew in June. No, we’re not kidding. And LCCs have only a small presence at the airport. So what’s going on at Switzerland’s busiest airport? We take a closer look.

Switzerland better prepared for latest industry downturn; Swiss continues to prosper while still adding capacity

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusZurich’s traffic has still not passed the dizzy heights of 2000 but traffic across Switzerland’s major airports did set a new record in 2008. Apart from Swiss which other carriers are significant? Which new routes have LCCs been adding?

Swiss continues to re-establish Zurich base

Swiss continues to re-establish Zurich baseIt may not be as big as it once was at Zurich but Swiss has now firmly re-established itself as the premier carrier at the airport. What competition does it face on its network and on which routes does it have a monopoly? Just how competitive are routes to London and Germany? Which LCCs provide a threat at the airport? And let’s not forget the football!

Swiss traffic recovery finally complete

Swiss traffic recovery finally completeThe post-‘9/11′ collapse of Swissair had a profound impact on the Swiss market. Zurich’s traffic still hasn’t fully recovered. On the other hand Geneva and Basel are benefiting from easyJet’s development of both airports as LCC bases. Which LCC is now #2 in Zurich? When did Ryanair finally arrive in Switzerland and which routes have easyJet dropped from Basel?