Unserved Route of the Week

Madrid air traffic to Barcelona (down 40%), Malaga (down 50%) impacted by expanding AVE high-speed rail network

Madrid air traffic to Barcelona (down 40%), Malaga (down 50%) impacted by expanding AVE high-speed rail network

How have Madrid’s top 10 domestic destinations developed during the last decade? How much traffic has been lost to rail and on which route has Ryanair stimulated traffic by 30% in one year? Which Canary Island destination has seen the highest growth?

Manchester needs Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw services; Prague market down 50% in two years but should grow in 2010

Manchester loses Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw services to Liverpool; Prague market down 50% in two yearsManchester is the UK’s second biggest metropolis but what of its connections to major EU cities? How has traffic developed since 1997 on 22 key international routes? What impact has the growth of nearby Liverpool had?

Southwest dominates Las Vegas – California market; Virgin America boosts San Francisco

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisEach year around 10 million passengers make their way between Las Vegas and California. What have been some of the recent developments and which airline is consistently cheaper than Southwest?

germanwings stimulates Dresden and Leipzig domestic flows from non-hub airports

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisHave LCCs stimulated traffic in the German domestic market? We look at traffic between Dresden and Leipzig, and various German airports to see how demand has developed in the last seven years.

UK-Barcelona grows five-fold in 15 years; LCCs dominate as BA and Iberia only serve London

nl201109-routev2-100.jpgTwenty years ago, BA and Iberia were dominant on UK-Barcelona flights while charter carriers served Girona. Now Ryanair dominates Girona flights while easyJet and other LCCs offer more flights than BA and Iberia.

UK – Florida market unchanged for a decade; charter traffic down 40% this year

Route AnalysisDemand trebled between 1987 and 1998 but has been virtually flat since then. When did traffic peak and what’s been happening in 2009? How significant has the Pound/Dollar exchange rate been?

Adelaide – Melbourne now #4 in Australia; Qantas and Virgin Blue have cut capacity by over a quarter

Route AnalysisThe arrival of Tiger Airways has helped stimulate this market and now Jetstar is on the route as well. How has traffic developed in the last couple of years and what are the signs for the future?

London – Newcastle air traffic back to pre-9/11 levels; BA, easyJet and Flybe share market

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisEastern, Gill Air, Go and Jet2.com have all served this market in recent years but now there are just three airlines each using a different London airport. When did demand peak and how much has it fallen in recent years?

Lufthansa (and partners) and airberlin dominate German routes to Vienna and Zurich

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisAs Austrian prepares its latest network strategy under Lufthansa control we look at the development of traffic between Germany and Vienna and compare it with how the market has developed to Zurich.

Southwest and Virgin America grow LAX – San Francisco route by 50% in two years

Route AnalysisHow does demand change when Southwest enters a big market? And what happens when Virgin America joins in as well? Do they take passengers from existing carriers or stimulate new traffic? We have the answers on LAX-SFO.

easyJet (Lyon) and Ryanair (Marseille) prove French domestic routes can be stimulated

Route AnalysisIn case anyone was in any doubt easyJet and Ryanair are demonstrating how the French respond to lower fares on domestic routes not involving Paris. They travel more, lots more. We have the figures that reveal the truth.

Palma still favourite holiday destination for Germans; traffic down 4% in first half of 2009

Route AnalysisTraffic to and from Palma is 50% higher than any other airport from German airports. Which are the leading airports in Germany for Palma flights and how seasonal is demand? Apart from airberlin who else serves the market?